“It's like a little art piece in real time.”
“Like nothing I've ever experienced before.”
“Loved the interaction among strangers.”
“Different every time and lots of fun.”
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Take a movement snack break!

Press Play. React. No thinking, just doing.

New experience #19 on youtube: http://youtube.com

Playlists of past experiences:

Playlist on youtube experiences 1 through 19: http://youtube.com

- OR -

Folder to download mp3 files for experiences 1 through 19: http://drive.google.com

This can be done in any space, indoors or outdoors. Listening through headphones is more personal, but a speaker also works.

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About TERP Stay at Home:

While working at home on our new prototype, we came up with a way to connect. As the current health crisis keeps us from a public release, here is a short, TERP-adjacent movement experience for you to try while in your home. Engage in mindful fun and a healthful distraction. We hope when you carry out these simple instructions, you’ll feel more relaxed, energized, and elevated!

Featured Experiment


Boost students try real-time! - student demo

Title: Boost Students doing real-time

Date: Wednesday June 8, 2016

Experiment 10

Title: Red Rope

Date: August 30, 2008

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