“It's like a little art piece in real time.”
“Like nothing I've ever experienced before.”
“Loved the interaction among strangers.”
“Different every time and lots of fun.”
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Welcome to the TERP Tribe!

We’re hosting a Fall for TERP event this Thursday! It’s free, fun, and there will be food and drink afterward to enjoy with the new people you’ve met! Feel free to bring a new friend into the tribe. We trying out a new learning version of TERP, along with brand new commands on our always popular TERP Real-time system!

Stay tuned on Vine, Instagram, and Twitter: @terptribe for our updates, photos, and videos. You can follow posts from others about TERP using #myTERP and #TERPTribe. Or use them to send us your own ideas! We love hearing from our TERP Tribe members!

If you are new to the TERP Tribe, feel free to poke around our site. You can read about the TERP system; see the TERP system in action; read what others have to say; and sign up for our monthly TERP Tribe newsletter.

Featured Experiment

Experiment 4.3

Title: Tea Party

Date: August 10, 2010

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